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Sep 14, 2010 4:00pm PDT
this, our findings show that the public is very excited about the fact that puc has made a tremendous effort to reach out to communities. particularly in sunol. the folks there were so delighted to have someone there just to listen to them and help address some of the issues that have been plaguing that community for a while related to puc projects and properties managed and run by puc. what we did find was that the community wants more. they would like to have a stronger community partnership, and they would like puc to be more part of their community. we have developed a community benefits website, and it is to increase public input. it is an opportunity for people to learn about what we're doing as well as to provide input back to us through the online survey, and you can find that again on the sfpuc website. we have a banner there that will take you directly to the information about the community benefits program. with that, i would like to turn it over to bonita to talk about our definition of community benefits. >> good afternoon. i'm very excited to be here, and i would like to
Sep 19, 2010 7:30am PDT
puc is very good at looking at the economic issues and has done an amazing job at looking at the environmental. we being the equity 1 is an area where there's a lot of room for improvement. we're talking about the stability. we're talking about given the bradth of the area that sfpuc covers, how community services are delivered. our recommendation includes 10 categories that have consistently come up. the definition reflects our agreement with commonly accepted principles that community benefits must be measurable and have appropriate nexus to sfpuc services and activities. our draft definition, and we have provided you, the commission, with the draft definition that appears on the website. this presentation short of truncates it a little bit. we have also made some copies of the draft definition available for the community. as i said, it is also on the website. we are seeking the feedback of the community on this definition, as well as stakeholder feedback, which we hope to gather through the website and through the survey that is online where anyone in the community can look at
Sep 22, 2010 4:30pm PDT
in the environmental justice of reappeared obviously, puc has gone far beyond what any other agency has done, by adopting not just environmental and sustainability policy, but an environmental justice policy, and we see there are a lot of opportunities for that policy to be implemented. we discovered, and i have to really take my hat off -- i do not have one on, but i have to say i was blown away by the staff and the amount of work that has gone into developing a sustainability matrix, identifying baseline sustainability criteria, and really providing criteria for how you measure sustainability, what the successes might be, and again, i'm very excited about the prospect of real attention being paid to this project being consolidated. in the area work force development, your adherence to the local enterprise policy, the ways throughout the region your stakeholders have talked about utilizing local workers and local businesses and local resources to support the puc -- it was very inspiring. in the arts and culture are arena, there are many opportunities to celebrate local artists, to
Sep 26, 2010 3:30am PDT
support the puc -- it was very inspiring. in the arts and culture are arena, there are many opportunities to celebrate local artists, to celebrate and used part as a way of educating the community not only about art, but about how the puc works in its role in the community. we did not see health as a criteria for component of other community benefit programs, but we see what puc is doing as a way of having opportunities to improve health in the community, not just with the mitigation of orders and traffic congestion and other things that result from development, but by the maintenance of open space and parks and recreation areas so that people can develop healthy recreation lifestyles and see puc as a partner in developing positive outcomes. in the area of education, i will not go into detail, but there are so many ways to augment what is happening in the public school district and teach young people about the ways that water, power, and wastewater services are delivered that will enhance their understanding of physics, knowledge, math, so we are hopeful that education will
Sep 29, 2010 8:30am PDT
about the proposed contribution from the puc. there are many other contribution partners. this is a rollup of the state and federal funding. $500 and change will bring the project to closure. we are hoping we have lots of these opportunities in the future when we have to fund protection of land. these people take a long time. as long as i have been with the puc, almost five years, this has been discussed with staff, and what role for the puc to play. that has become more clear overtime. i think is a credit to the project sponsors, and particularly the land owners and funders of this program. it took a lot of patience. this is the kind of program we want to be involved in. a lot of collaboration and very broad support from the community. i think the people here to speak for the project will cover some of that ground. long ago, as part of the 1934 agreement, the puc did provide some funding for projects like this in the area. there was a very large flood. timing is everything. as a consequence, lots of landowners came forward with proposals to have their land protected with easements
Sep 8, 2010 3:00am PDT
ongoing of instigation of the so-called organic/biosolids compost program, started by the puc staff with the sinegro corporation act in 2007. we have released publicly and nationally the results of new independent scientific testing by dr. robert c. hale for the food rights network. it was found that the sludge product, that the puc has given away free to bay area home and school gardens is contaminated with flame retardants. our attached news release, which you all have or will have quotes dr. michael hansen of consumers union, whose organization is one of the many calling upon san francisco to uphold the precautionary principles and permanently halt these sludging giveaway programs. almost a year has passed since the "san francisco chronicle" first reported on this major controversy. in the past year, and has grown to become an international issue. a major investigation by a journalist with the cbs affiliate here in san francisco, and a city hall protest led by the organic consumers association on march 3 and march 4 respectively forced the city to temporarily suspend the sludge giveaw
Sep 24, 2010 9:30am PDT
commissioner juliet ellis is the new general manager for external affairs for the puc. [applause] we were able to convince her that four to eight hours a month was not enough. welcome, and thank you very much for accepting our offer. commissioner ellis: thank you to the fellow commissioners, the staff, and the community partners. part of what makes the position so attractive is the ability to work on this more than eight hours a month. i look forward to continuing to work in this different role. >> i would like to add to the general manager -- this is brilliant. [laughter] who would have thought. it really is. i am so pleased. we are very, very fortunate. you have worked on both sides. [laughter] >> i also would like to chime in. i was in the same position, where i had heard juliet might be moving on. i was broken hearted because she has been such a great colleague and ally on these important issues. i think this is a wonderful solution and opportunity. i think we will really be able to get some amazing things done with juliet in her new role. congratulations. we are so excited to wo
Sep 4, 2010 8:00am PDT
>> i am at harrington, general manager of d puc. i'm so happy to be here today where we will be building a new building for the puc and contributing to the green movement in our state. it is a wonderful place to be. i will be introducing a number of folks, but i want to start with introducing my commissioners. as i mentioned, this is one of those things where the puc has trained about a new headquarters building for i do not know how many years. buying one or building one, but it was always sitting out there because we have people in different parts of san francisco renting space, and that is not a good thing for ratepayers ultimately. we are one of the leaders in green technology and water and energy conservation, and we should showcase that in our new building, and this building will give us a chance to do that. one of the proponents of this building since day one who was very excited to be here was a major gap in -- mayor gavin newsom, and i will turn it over to the mayor. [applause] >> the spirit of this announcement is the creation of literally hundreds of jobs over the nex
Sep 19, 2010 7:00am PDT
, specifically asked them if they would do research. it is good that they think the puc is doing a good job, but i would like to respond to the request for research and see what that response is, but we would support that. i would like to be able to support that, and if that is something we could arrange with your general manager. lastly, on the wsip report, just as your report on the power plant in san francisco, there was the issue of who was responsible for cleaning up that contamination, and if that is a cost of the program, we would be interested in knowing whether someone is going after who should pay for that cleanup. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. just two points -- one, i was able to go to the caliso meeting with the activists and environmentalists working with the goals as the general manager closed the power plant, and we came with a letter signed by the sierra club, the green party, and a lot of folks united to get this thing shot, and we heard one piece of good news, that when that cable is running, the power plant is not. that is good news, but what i heard on th
Sep 14, 2010 2:00pm PDT
front of you. i have had some experience with the puc when i ran the combined charity campaign. puc was one of the department's contributing to the campaign. i already had some exposure. i look forward to working with all of you. it is going to be interesting. thank you. [applause] >> captainin -- in a short time with us, you have won a lot of parts of country. thank you very much. there is also an update on the incident in san bruno thursday night. the director of water supply and treatment was very involved, as long -- as well as other members of the organization. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am david briggs with the water supply treatment commission. -- treatment division. the response to last thursday's explosion by the puc staff was amazing. it was immediate and multifaceted. there was certainly a response by the fire department here and at the airport. that was very rapid and throw. puc staff or the first ones on the scene. some of us live in san bruno, 20 to 30 staff. they are our neighbor and wholesale customers. within minutes of the explosion, we knew exactly what was h
Sep 15, 2010 12:00pm PDT
courses on puc land, correct? >> they are part of the watershed, but they are our property and we have an agreement to provide recreational activity and that property. -- on that property. supervisor avalos: it is puc property? >> in 1950 the board of supervisors passed a resolution authorizing the parks department to permit or allow recreational activity on these properties that was an agreement with no end date. the future board of supervisors could of course the cyber control of the property back over to the puc. as the current agreement exists, the parks department will continue to permit recreational activities on the properties. supervisor avalos: well, let's open this up for public comment. unless there is more from supervisor maxwell? two minutes per speaker? >> good morning, hon. supervisors. i am here to represent local 261 labor. i came here today to show the full support for this puc agreement with the park and we commend them for coming up with innovative ways to bring savings while innovating staff and service. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is bruce and i am
Sep 16, 2010 8:30pm PDT
departments, it will probably be a time of constraint in the puc. you should expect not to see a lot of brand new things show up unless something else is traded for it. commissioner moran: i think december is kind of late in the process. you will have done a lot of your work. i would like to see how satisfactory that is. if we were to give a change of direction, december would be pretty late to do it. we will see how that plays out and can adjust schedules and other things. commissioner caen: to follow up on what you just said, maybe you can help us identify on if there is something that can be traded out, if there is something emerging that seems to be a priority everybody seems in agreement with, to come back to us and said they knew we can give a little less money to that to be able to do this. >> anything else? president crowley: in the issue tracking, you did at the -- you did add a review of the hedghet assessment and the capital projects we are talking about there. one thing that occurs to me would be awfully helpful at some point is also to have a discussion about the consequenc
Sep 8, 2010 10:30pm PDT
cherished employees who collectively have almost 100 years of service to be puc and the city. it was interesting to read through some of the information because i think i have followed several of their footsteps since i have worked in the city. several of them started off or very early work in the controller's office and at various times have moved to the puc. the first of the arteries is john russo -- of the honorees is john russo. starting in 1970, it seems like just yesterday, doesn't it? thinking he was coming as a part-time employee working as a tabulation officer. if your call back then, the whole data center for the city was down there as part of the seismic upgrades to the building, we had to take the center out, but it has been there years, so john was working for the controller's office during that time. in 1983, he moved over to the puc where they built the data center and did all the processing. but that was the past, and now we are over at left 55 market street, and his temporary job and a commission after 40 years, so we want to thank john for the chance to serve. we wi
Sep 18, 2010 6:00pm PDT
, the budge of those new facilities will have to be located oat the site that puc has targeted skyline stables for decades. >> unfortunately, the site is so compacted and it's a really restricted site that we don't have room to maintain the stages on site with the improvements for the regional water system. >> reporter: the key is finding a new place for the horse. >> we have been in open discussions with them for the last few months andtine to work with them, pretty much on a weekly base. >> reporter: a dozen of skyline riders gathered for a bbq, saying goodbye to their stables. the new emergency water system broad of water to 2.5 million customers in the wake of a quake. something that they can understand, but they are hoping that the puc makes plans to relocate the stable. >> even if we signed papers for relocation, it's still until we actually have horses going into stalls, it's not a sure thing. >> reporter: skyline is one of the few cooperative stables, horse owners lend a hand and in exchange, pay less money. >> to put my horse down the peninsula, i have to drive 30 mile
Sep 29, 2010 8:00am PDT
. >> the mou is between puc and rec and park for operations and maintenance? >> correct. if you can turn to page four or five, that is actually the list of things which are a retrofit of the irrigation system and training the staff and guaranteeing that there would be a site supervisor and testing and inspection. these are what we have agreed on behalf of the city. this assigns the responsibility to parks and recreation. >> these are the mitigation measures. >> correct. >> these are the agreements that we had and we are now transferring or allocating to parks and recreation? >> correct. >> the item shows that would it would give the general manager the response -- the responsibility to negotiate the mou. the wording on the agenda is slightly different from the final wording. >> that is what we will be voting on. >> correct. >> are there any further questions? is any public comment >> we have three speaker cards. >> public comments on item 14. >> good afternoon, commissioners. we advocate the protection of national parks. a thank-you for your work on the conservation efforts. i am he
Sep 14, 2010 1:30pm PDT
we are going to get the committee to work on the next round of puc project. i know a lot of us are eagerly waiting to see the sunset reservoir switched to get turned on and get a walk through for some of the community folks to get people back into the solar frame of mind again. can community folks go out and see how it is shaping up? >> now might be a good time to jump out of order. ed harrington, our general manager, has some announcements to make. >> as you know, the first announcement was that we have selected a general manager for external affairs. that position was vacated earlier this year when laura left. if you recall, we were changing the position to not only be in charge of relations and communications, but also take the lead on environmental sustainability issues and the community benefits jobs discussions we have been having. we did a search. i am pleased to announce the result is that commissioner juliet ellis is the new general manager for external affairs for the puc. [applause] we were able to convince her that four to eight hours a month was not enough. welcome, an
Sep 8, 2010 1:00am PDT
with shell energy was to get a full requirement. they do all of the interface with puc. in contrast to the power choice approach, we are keeping responsibility for a couple of things that you will be able to get through your power to force. this is an impressive bunch. marin energy decided to maintain agency management of the items listed here we are getting this directly with the puc. we will handle most of our customer service issues. we will have deprograms within our agents separately from the contracts we are getting from shell energy. ours is a slightly different approach. >> why did you decide to do that? >> it was a judgment call about the kinds of policy-making and activities that are citizens wanted to see and the cost effectiveness that we believe that we could achieve with our staff. >> just to clarify, will we be the main point for customer service? >> the answer is yes. we would be the primary agents. >> if people have an issue, would they pick up the phone and kit a puc staff person? >> in terms of doing customer outreach, i think that that would be us. in terms of the p
Sep 26, 2010 10:30pm PDT
concern about the escalation clause that we were proposing with the puc. the original proposal was to escalate parking -- the revenue we received from the puc annually at a 3% rate. some commissioners will -- were concerned that might not take into account the true cost escalation over the long-term 75-year proposed agreement. i went back and had a couple of conversations with the public utilities commission staff. in order to address your concerns, the proposal that i am here to speak to you about this afternoon is the following. if actual increases to the parking rates that are approved by the mta board, because they approve parking rates at all city garages, including ours, if this increases to rates that exceed 3%, the puc will cover the difference in one of two ways. one, the length of the lease would be reduced from 75 years to some shorter time, according to the amount of money, or, and i think this is the more likely probability, the puc would make a supplemental payment annually to the department for the difference between what the new rate would be and what the 3% escalat
Sep 14, 2010 3:00pm PDT
look forward to closure. i think the communications between staff, both at the puc, myself, the city attorney, with the mayor's office, with the stakeholders, it has been good in this process, so i think we're seeing really positive improvements in that regard. we have different opinions about the technical information. xibñiÑiÑiduring the board of gos meeting, so in the event that it does not come through the test successfully, we have a common understanding of what our next possible steps are to achieve closure. on that note, unfortu8puqe on september 8, the trans bay cable project did trip off-line during a test period. the testing ish= scheduled to resume. it was scheduled to end on september 10 and then resumed and that will conclude on october 10. they will of the other big results of the testing, and a determination will be made about whether the project is ready to bear, if you will, the reliability burden that the potrero is involved in. they would look at the termination of the process. they are, at this time, working with mirant to shorten and accelerate determination p
Sep 17, 2010 8:30am PDT
the puc, we will talk about that, but what we're basically talking about is going from a manual system to an electronic system, where the signal is transmitted through a series of steps to the puc, with the data in cryptic, so it is not from this address or this person, so that information is not transmitted with that. we have about 180,000 water meters in san francisco. two-thirds of those are more than 20 years old. one thing we know is that as these get old overtime, they start to run inefficiently, so we are virtually replacing every meter in san francisco with a brand new meter. we are collecting the data on an hourly basis. this will detect things far more rapidly because we will see spikes in usage. we will be working towards, as barbara just said, retail meters, as well, using these same meters. you would not have to install others. and we're using the local work force to do this. first, the need to transition units, which is this little grey box. when it comes to your home near you, this will be screwed to the underside of the meter box cover, and the meter just sits where it
Sep 8, 2010 1:30am PDT
by the city attorney to pave the way. >> thank you, mr. terra. -- mr. terrochair. the california puc is charged with implementing the choice aggregation in california. the petition that we filed calls on the puc to modify their roles. i want to give you some background about wind it is critical 40 commission to make the changes. -- about why it is critical for the commission to make the changes. one of the key positions in the legislation states that the utilities are required to "cooperate fully" with the programs. in 2005, when the california puc was making the rules, pg&e continues to be a supporter of community choice aggregation. pg&e proposed that utilities should not be allowed to market against committee's choice aggregation programs. they should not be allowed to discourage customers from becoming customers of the program. add that time, a judge here recommended utilities are barred from marketing. the final decision did not adopt that particular provision without providing a full explanation. based on the cooperative attitude of the facilities, they did not see any need to
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 233 (some duplicates have been removed)